Control Panel That does it all

A Panel to Create /Delete  your VPS , with option to resize , rebuild and snapshot with a single click.

A simple control panel which does all these task with ease and simplicity.

  • Create / Delete VPS
  • Rebuild , Resize and Snapshot
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Console Access
  • Ip Management Public & Private

Resize Server in a Single Click

Upgrade or downgrade on the fly any-time you want , via the control panel , so start small and resize based on higher load.

Create / Delete VPS

Want a different OS then what you ordered initially , simply delete and recreate vps, or just want to start fresh you can

Bandwidth Monitoring

Monitor your bandwidth usage , get an insight on your traffic at anytime even on your mobile

Ip Management Public & Private

Manage your  Public IP , and Private IP network seamlessly via our intuitive control panel.

Console Access

Login to your VPS  via VNC , even when it it doesn’t have any IP’s configured , so you can do some offline management

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