MsOffice VPS – Virtual Desktop-BYOD VPS

Just like VDI but a lot faster and lot more features
Make Bring your own Device easy for any organization

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Work from anywhere, access your files anywhere, customize your desktop and keep it the same
everywhere and so much more! Run Microsoft Office right off your VPS desktop.

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Instant Setup

Access your files anywhere, Access your apps & settings anywhere, Full backups of your desktop, settings and files.

No upfront Investments

Got new-hires , employees and contractors set up instantly and still making sure they meet your standards for quality and Security. Get all that with no upfront investment.

BYOD in minutes

Setup your Business applications , tools and customize desktop and shared storage between users in minutes.

xPress VPS

1 gb
  • serveicon1  1 GB memory
  • proc1  2 Core CPU
  • disk1   25 GB Disk
  • bw1  1 TB Bandwidth
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Enterprise Vps

3 gb Ram
  • serveicon1  3 GB memory
  • proc1  4 Core CPU
  • disk1   60 GB disk
  • bw1  1TB bandwidth
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Platinum Vps

4 gb Ram
  • serveicon1  4 GB Memory
  • proc1  4 Core CPU
  • disk1   80 GB Disk
  • bw1  2 TB Bandwidth
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How It Works

Get Reliable and Blazing fast VPS in 3 simple steps.

We are always on – so callus Any-time.

Choose A Plan

Choose a vps plan which best suits the application you want to run


Signup , fill in your details , choose os , so we can provision your vps

Get started

Login to your panel to see your vps details , you start , stop restart , resize do a whole lot of stuff here

Instant setup of your windows vps - No more waiting

Create, Delete, Start / Stop Manage your vps now.

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