Windows VPS – Quintessential Windows Virtual Private Server

Based on Rock steady Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization and SSD Drives make it blazing fast.
All that topped with our competitive pricing it is a win-win plan.
Starting with 1gb ram no more 512 mb start big at all time low prices.

The Latest Windows Server 2008 & 2012 OS

Cheapvps builds virtualized Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 to provide you the latest Windows development and frameworks including for .NET 4.5 as well as IIS8 , Webmatrix and much more.

Web Ready WebMatrix Support!
Rock Steady  Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualized
Fast Disk I/O with SSD based Drives
7-Day Money Back Guarantee
Control Panel to manage your vps
Multiple Locations Available

xPress VPS

1 gb
  • serveicon1  1 GB Memory
  • proc1  2 Core CPU
  • disk1   25 GB disk
  • bw1  1 TB Bandwidth
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Enterprise Vps

3 gb Ram
  • serveicon1  3 GB Memory
  • proc1  4 Core CPU
  • disk1   60 GB Disk
  • bw1  2 TB Bandwidth
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Platinum Vps

4 gb Ram
  • serveicon1  4 GB Memory
  • proc1  4 Core CPU
  • disk1   80 GB Disk
  • bw1  2 TB Bandwidth
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Clean and Easy to Use
Control Panel

A friendly interface to control all of your virtual servers. Create, resize, rebuild, and snapshot with single clicks. An experience designed around you instead of technology.

How It Works

Get Reliable and Blazing fast VPS in 3 simple steps.

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Choose A Plan

Choose a vps plan which best suits the application you want to run


Signup , fill in your details , choose os , so we can provision your vps

Get started

Login to your panel to see your vps details , you start , stop restart , resize do a whole lot of stuff here

Instant setup of your windows vps - No more waiting

Create, Delete, Start / Stop Manage your vps now.

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