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Windows VPS – Quintessential Windows Server

Based on Rock steady Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization and SSD Drives make it blazing fast.
All that topped with our competitive pricing it is a win-win plan.

Starting with 1gb ram –  no more 512 mb start big at all time low prices.

Reduce costs by consolidating more workloads on fewer servers and increase agility using the same virtualization platform on-premises and in the cloud.


Microsoft virtualization solutions go beyond basic virtualization capabilities, such as consolidating server hardware, to create comprehensive platforms for private and hybrid cloud. This means your organization can achieve considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Whether you want to virtualize workloads, build a private cloud, scale your services through a public cloud, or combine all three, Microsoft’s virtualization and management solutions, built on Windows Server and System Center, can help you better manage resources and offer IT as a service. And when you migrate from VMware to Microsoft, you can adapt cloud computing to your business needs.

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