Installing Remote Desktop Connection on Mac OS X

  1. On your OS X computer, go to Microsoft’s webpage for the Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac OS X:
  2. Click on Download Now to download the file.
  3. If your browser asks you what to do with this file, tell it to save the file. If your browser automatically opens the file with Stuffit, skip to step 5.

  1. After the file finishes downloading, go to the location the file was downloaded to (most likely the desktop) and double-click the RDC_2.1.1_ALL.dmg file.
  2. You’ll now have a white volume on your desktop called RDC. Open this white volume if it isn’t already open. 
  3. To install the application, double-click on the RDC Installer and follow the instructions to install the application onto your computer.

  1. You should now see the Remote Desktop Connection application on your dock.