Setting up a Ventrilo Server on windows vps

Go to Ventrilo’s download page, and download the most recent version of the Ventrilo server, save the installer to your windows vps desktop.

click here to download

run the installer.

Configuring the Server

When the installer is finished you will be able to change the settings of the server, you don’t need to do this to use your server but if you want to assign admins or change the name of the server you will have to. The configuration settings file can be found where you installed the server, the default location is “C:\Program Files (x86)\VentSrv”. There are two main things that you should change in the server configuration file, the name and the admin password.

You can find out what the other lines controls from the HTML document in the same folder.


 Name=Server 1
  • This is what you will be naming the server and will be seen at the top of the active users list.
  • This is the remote server administration password. This will allow anyone who knows this password to perform admin duties on the server. Leaving it blank will disable admins.

Firewall Settings

The firewall settings will need to be altered to allow people to connect to the server. To do this go to the “Server Manager” under configuration.

You will need to create a couple of new rules for both inbound and outbound. Allow access to the default Ventrilo port (TCP/UDP) of 3784 both in and out as well as port 6100 (UDP) out, once these rules are created you can start the server and connect to your very own Ventrilo server.