Connect to windows vps on android device using Remote Desktop Client


  1. Download and Install  the Remote Desktop Client from Google Play ,
    search for  “remote desktop microsoft “
  2. Make sure you install Microsoft Remote Desktop application , it is safe and spyware free.
  3. After starting the Remote Desktop Client for Android the Connection Center opens. You can use the Connection Center to Connect to your Windows VPS
    Create a Remote Desktop

    1. On the Connection Center screen, tap Remote Desktops.
    2. Tap the add icon.
    3. Enter information for the remote desktop connection:
      • Remote Desktop
        • Connection name (Optional): The name of the remote desktop in the connection center. This can be any string. If this is field is empty, the PC name will be displayed.
        • PC name: Fill in the windows vps IP address here
        • Gateway (Optional):Leave this field empty
        • Credentials: The user name and password to be used for the windows vps
    4. Tap Done to create the new remote desktop.